I decided to start a YouTube when I first became introduced to Minecraft. When I first became introduced, I would be online viewing the Minecraft wiki. I found some very useful information there. Anyway, one day I searching the web, I found a YouTube channel, Orepros. I got hooked into their videos and soon decided to created my YouTube channel.

When I created the YouTube channel in November 2014, I was trying to think about how I'd use it. That when I became hooked into another YouTube, DanTDM. I then decided to start making Minecraft Server Minigame videos.

On April 4th, 2016, I uploaded my first video, "The Lost Villager."

I maked videos about Minecraft Minigames and Adventures for quite a long time. It wasn't until I met a skilled animator did I decide to create animations. I started working with him in the middle of May. We created our first animation, "The Steal," in the end of May. After that, we started to work on another, "No Poultry." We worked animations for a long time after and we still do to this day.

Then, in December 2015, I bought 'whitelist' on ExplodingTNT's acting server. There, I decided to start creating skits.

Everyone loved my skits so I went on with it.

Today, I play Minecraft but I'm also starting to play other games such as Cities: Skylines. That brings my channel to current day. There is a whole frontier waiting for me so I'll keep finding new things so I can Expand this story!

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‚ÄčNot much but we hope to do some more animations. Stay tuned!

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How it all started and where it is now


What we do:


On my YouTube channel, I make Minecraft related videos, such as gameplays, skits, stopmotions, animations, and more. I also now make Cities: Skylines videos too. For my animations, I team up with my animation crew and we create it. I'm still trying to learn the basics of animation, but hopefully one day, I will be able to go off on my own!

Welcome to the official website of TVC47, an awesome YouTube channel that's goal is to make high quality machinimas, animations, stopmotions, gameplays and more!